BSC/Clean bench

It is a Biosafety cabinet in the type of Class Il A2 and B2, which is suitable for biological experiments. It is designed to protect researchers and samples, and to discharge air through Hepa filter from outside. It is a 70% airflow circulation type and filters 0.3 μ m particles with more than 99.97% efficiency.

High efficiency HEPA Filter

At the heart of the biosafety task force are filters and motors. HUCO's BSC can filter fine particles of 0.3 μm with more than 99.97% efficiency by applying high efficiency HEPA Filter. The replacement cycle of the filter can also be monitored in real time by the control panel on the front, and it is easy to exchange the filter with the cartridge structure design.

Countercurrent prevention work plane (Stainless steel)

The plate-shaped surface prevents the samples from overflowing or flowing to the outside. The design is easy to clean, and it is easy to control pollution. By applying all stainless-steel materials inside to prevent pollution, the researchers can maintain a clean environment that prevents bacterial reproduction.

Steric current flow

The air hole design, which can be filtered from various angles according to the intake air current particles, minimizes blind spots and maximizes efficiency.

Touch controller

It is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen type controller with intuitive design and includes usage management, filter life management, and safety management functions. The researchers can check the current equipment status, making it safer and more convenient to use.

Main feature

High efficiency HEPA filter - Class 100

Low noise, low vibration motor

Backflow Prevention Work Surface Structure

Anti-pollution stainless steel material

Ergonomic 15˚ front angle

Sealed design of double wall structure

Armrest design prevents work fatigue

Mesh guard filter protection system

Management through serial number and certificate

Convenient control through LCD touch screen


Blower motor

1 phase

3 phase

Electrical outlet

220V / 110V

1Gang 1 outlet Cabinet

1 Gang 2 outlet Cabinet





Class ll A2

Class ll B2







Auto moving switch

Automatic movement of doors up and down

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