Lab furniture

It is a laboratory table enhanced with greater chemical-resistance, humidity resistance, anti-corrosiveness, heat resistance, and shock resistance so that experiments can be conducted safely in research laboratories and other special environments. Considering all the conditions of the experiment, it is firmly designed to prevent bending and twisting due to the weight of the equipment.

Sufficient Storage Space

Upper storage room and shelf options allow researchers to freely store various items. They can adjust the height of the shelf according to the size of the storage through a variable shelf.

Enhanced load strength

It is made of an aluminum and steel frame mixture that can withstand a load of 400 kg to place and use a variety of equipment and chemicals.

Elaborate horizontal control

Equipped with a multi-control foot control that can adjust height, it can be leveled to keep horizontal. A stable equipment environment is allowed by adjusting the appropriate height.

Clean wiring space

It is a design that can install power outlets and LAN ports on the top and bottom of the laboratory table and can be customized as needed. Safe management is possible through the back-wiring space where the electric line can be neatly arranged.

Main feature

Spacious storage space

Reinforced load strength

Precise leveling

Chemical resistant material

Convenient utility

Expanded research space

Neat wiring space

Various options

Eco-friendly materials

Ergonomic design


Frame material

Steel frame

aluminum frame


Wall lab table

Central lab table

Anti vibration table

Sink lab table

Corner lab table

Moving drawers


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