Corporate Subsidiary Lab

The Central Research Center of HUCO HANKOOK Lab Solutions Co., Ltd. was launched as a corporate subsidiary lab in 2012. The lab has been dedicated to the establishment of a high-tech research environment through various technical research in the field of laboratory safety equipment. We conduct research activities to secure a foundation for technological innovation and sustainable growth.

Secure exclusive technological competitiveness

The importance of securing competitive technology in this era of changing technology is indeed paramount. In particular, the research and development of technologies, materials, and parts for a convenient and safe research environment can have a great impact on the performance of the laboratory and the achievement of the user's goal. We are deeply aware of the importance of securing such technological growth, and we are committed to secure unique technological competitiveness through creative and continuous research and development.

Creating a creative research environment

The lab is conducive to creative research environment such as flexible research operations, voluntary and autonomous research tasks, and open research strategy activities. The top priority is to maximize the researcher's ability to develop technology for a better tomorrow.

Secure a foundation for sustainable future growth

The lab conducts researches to build a future-oriented research environment in line with the trend of change in the rapidly changing industrial environment. It aims for developing core technologies, improving products, and setting up customized laboratories.




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